Easy Rug Ideas to Design a Stylish Home You Will Love

A new rug can be a very welcome addition to your home décor no matter what your style is.  They are an easy way to give your home a gallery-like feel or design a beautiful mess if that’s what you are going for. Here are some great rug ideas to get you thinking about your next home decor rug project. The perfect match can completely change the mood of any room!

Things to consider while searching for the perfect pattern in a rug.

  • Material –  Do you want a rug with natural materials such as a jute rug, or a synthetic blend?
  • What type of flooring is in the room – For some rugs that go on hardwood floors, a rug pad is a good idea to keep it from shifting over time and possibly scratching the floors especially in high traffic areas.
  • Rug Size – Rugs come in all shapes and sizes. A large area rug can fill an entire room and a smaller rug is perfect for greeting guest at the front door. Below is a chart for common rug sizes.
Rug Size Chart

Bathroom Rug Ideas

Bathroom rugs come in a variety of options, sizes, and colors. The best part about picking out the perfect choice in a bathroom rug is the way your bare feet and cold feet feel when they are standing on it. There is nothing wrong with a little warmth and comfort.

Bathroom Boho Rug

Bathroom Boho Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

This rug will enhance the style of the space and be easy on the feet plus give your space a little boho vibe with a splash of color. The patterns on a boho inspired item will also give you some contrast in an otherwise minimal design such as the bathroom above.

Colorful Bathroom Rug

Colorful Bathroom Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to bring a bit of color into the bathroom, plus the water absorption makes it the perfect addition to any bathroom or even a mudroom.

Natural Fiber Rugs for the Bathroom

Jute Bathroom Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

Natural rugs are a great way to add some warmth and earthy tones to make your bathroom an oasis.

Master Bedroom Area Rug Ideas

Bedroom rugs can give your space a unique look. There are an endless number of options to choose from, but it all depends on your room décor style. There are many unique ways to make the space your own such as layering different patterns or simply sticking with a more neutral color palette.

Shag Rugs for the Bedroom

Shag Rug for the Bedroom
Image Credit – Amazon

Imagine your feet hitting this one in the morning instead of wooden floors. How Cozy!

Modern Style Rug for the Bedroom

Modern Area Rug for the Bedroom
Image Credit – Amazon

Modern rug designs give you a way to put a beautiful rug into your space that acts as a focal point for the room.

Cowhide Rugs for the Bedroom

Cowhide Rug for the Bedroom
Image Credit – Amazon

If you want to create a relaxed look for a living space, a cowhide rug is the way to go. They almost act as a piece of art laying on the floor. The good news about this type of rug, is you don’t have to buy real cowhide. There are so many faux options out there.

Small Room Rug Ideas

Small rooms and small spaces can often benefit from an area rug. They can act as a great way to add a splash of color to a darker space.

Persian Rugs for Small Rooms

Persian Rug for Small Room
Image Credit – Amazon

Although this rug is only 2 x 3, it adds so much life to a small entryway or beside the bed. A vibrant rug can make the whole room if you let it.

Living Room Rug Ideas

Living rooms are often a large space in the home, so adding the right large rug can really make the room. The addition of a rug with an abstract design or even soft stripes could set the mood for the whole space. There is a reason many interior designers pick out the rug first when decorating. A living room with white walls, a modern coffee table, and a graphic print rug is design magic!

Graphic Print Rugs for the Living Room

Modern Abstract Living Room Rug
Image Credit – Amazon
Euston Modern Living Room Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

Sometimes you just need to add some color into your living space and two of the most fun ways to do that are change up your color scheme and add a new area rug.

Striped Rug Idea for the Living Room

Striped Living Room Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

Adding a colorful rug with stripes can add a great contrast to the room décor. There is no rule saying every pattern needs to be the same. The best way to decorate can often be the easiest.

Dining Room Rug Ideas

Dining rooms are best when there is a cohesive look to the style and feel of the room decor. This can greatly be achieved by using the right area rug in the space. The rug needs to not only complement the décor, but also the furniture, mainly the dining table. The rug size will also play a role in the design as well. If you have a large table, you need a large rug as well.

Neutral Rug in a Colorful Room

Neutral Dining Room Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

A smaller table paired with a larger rug really makes the room feel nice and inviting. When it comes to the colors of a rug, gorgeous rugs don’t have to be vibrant colors. A little muted color on the floor really lets the colorful walls speak for themselves.

Geometric Patterns for the Dining Room

Geometric Modern Dining Room Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

This fun rug with the geometric shapes and white stripes will add a fun element to a home with a modern décor style.

Kids Room Rug Ideas

When it comes to a kids’ room there are thoughts of bright colors, graphic rugs, and a whole lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you have small kids or teenagers, there are plenty of ideas out there to choose from

Kids Rug Ideas they can Grow Into

Star Pattern Rug

Choosing a rug that can grow with a child is a good idea. This rug will work in a small child’s room or even a younger teens room and can stay there for a long time.

Pink Triangle Area Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

This geometric pattern rug is another great example of something that would work for a child for several years. Many of the items in the room could be swapped out for a more mature theme while the rug remains the same.

Pom Pom Rug Ideas

Pom Pom Rug
Image Credit – Amazon

A rug design that has gained a lot of attention for the early teens is a rug with pom poms attached to the outer edges. This added detail gives these rugs a little extra unique detail.

Some of these are so cute they would work in various places of the house not just kids rooms.

Although I have listed many rooms in the home to give you some ideas, this is by no means all the areas where rugs come in handy. Every room in your home can benefit from a rug of some sort even the front and back porch. Don’t let shopping be the limit for you either. If you can’t find something you just fall in love with, there is also the world of DIY. There are so many projects out there with a great tutorial to be followed.

There is the list of some rug ideas for your home. I hope you have found this guide helpful in your journey towards picking out your next rug. Just remember, one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room in no time at all is swapping out or adding a rug. Have fun decorating your house into a home.

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